Skully Basting Brush

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A Skull-ful Cooking Brush - Skully Food Brush by OTOTO studio is the 'baste' choice to help with your culinary adventures. This cute kitchen gift idea will coat your delicious meals and desserts with the perfect amount of marinade or sauce.
Easy Care - Skully is the perfect pastry brush to make your kitchen duties effortless! Crafted with BPA-free materials, this silicone brush for cooking and baking is also dishwasher-safe with bristles designed to repel odors and remains clump-free. Fun-ctional Design - This baking brush's innovative design makes it easy to coat meat and pastries.
With this funny gifts idea or unique gifts idea, anyone achieve all your cooking and baking goals with a single basting brush for cooking! Nifty Little Treat - Looking for cute Halloween gifts? Skully's an absolute gem around the kitchen.