Skull Tongs

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Stainless-steel kitchenware for tough chefs.
- Equally good for bbq, bar or kitchen.

- Suitable for working on a hot grill.

- Perfect for general use in any kitchen.

- Handle chunky cocktail ice at the bar.

- Spring loaded for one handed use.

- Brushed high-grade stainless steel.

- Dishwasher safe and food grade.

- For bad-ass chefs, bar-tenders & barbequers.

- Plastic free product and packaging.

Arguably the most indispensable tool in any chef's armoury. This pair of versitle utility tongs are suitable for flipping or turning food while cooking, removing food from boiling water and handling hot food from the oven or grill. Made from tough stainless steel with a scalloped head for better grip.